Ryan Gray — Jackson, Wyoming

Ryan Gray called me about 5 times today when he saw my ad on Wyoming FaceBook because he anxiously wanted me to come to his place so I did. When I get there he immediately started to feel me up with lies and I demanded the cash upfront. This idiot had the nerve to say he didn’t have any money and could he pay me Friday! he said he owned a hosting company called NameHero and 3 other **** sites, I did not believe him. I go to walk out he immediately grab me force me on the bed put his ***** inside me. When he was done he told me if i called the cops he would kill me and said police would not believe me because i work for escort. This man in the photo raped me. Don’t waste your time with this ******* because in the end you would get raped and for wasting your time and gas on a bogus outcall. Also he doesn’t have any living room furniture and the house smells like dog and cat **** and ****. AVOID HIM!

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