Rabbi Avrohom Adler — Cleveland, Ohio

Rabbi Avrohom Adler came to see me for full service. I almost turned him down because he was cheap and kept trying to haggle with me, but I really needed money, so I agreed to charge $50 less than I normally do. He came over and hadn’t prepared like I asked. He hadn’t showered, so he had a little bit of BO, and hadn’t trimmed his pubes. I kept getting his hair in my mouth while blowing him, which was gross, and TMI, his ***** smelled bad. When we ******, he kept obsessing over my armpits, smelling and licking them. He kept saying really weird things and moaning in a weird way. He kissed me, which I said was a boundary. He also came in me, which I had banned, even while wearing a condom. This guy is ******* weird and not worth the little that he’s willing to pay.

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