Edward Fenno — Charleston, SC

Edward Fenno is a lawyer and violent sexual deviant in Mt. Pleasant, SC. He likes to use fake emails to hire escorts and force them into rough non-consensual acts, then warn them they shouldn’t claim to be assaulted since he is a “powerful attorney” who can make their life difficult.
936 Pine Hollow Rd, Mt Pleasant, SC 29464

2 thoughts on “Edward Fenno — Charleston, SC

  1. ME TOO. He told me his name was “Eric” and harassed me to drive up from Savannah when I was only 18. I show up and he tried handcuffing me to his backyard tennis court fence without my consent! I screamed and ran to my car and drove home. Then he text me repeatedly from a burner phone saying he would bankrupt my family if I ever told anyone. STAY AWAY! This man is a predator!

  2. OMG my friend used to work with his wife Becky! Literally everyone I know who’s met Edward thinks he’s a total piece of s***. Not surprised to find out he’s a rapist!

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