Abhishek Das — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

He’s the Associate Director at Tiger Analytics

Abhishek Das had the audacity to set up a session with me, and then he didn’t even bother to show up! I spent so much time and effort preparing for this appointment. I turned down other potential clients because I thought I had a booking with this guy. I even went out and bought new lingerie for him, and now it’s all for nothing.

What really ****** me off is that he didn’t even have the decency to let me know he wasn’t coming. I had to sit there waiting for him, getting more and more frustrated as time passed. I texted him and called him, but he didn’t respond.

This kind of behavior is just unacceptable. I rely on my clients to make a living, and when they waste my time like this, it affects my bottom line. Not to mention, it’s incredibly disrespectful. I spoke to my friend who is also an escort about him and it turns out that he went to see her while blowing me off! He shortchanged her and apparently smelled bad, so maybe I got lucky.

He’s cheating on his wife Dividutta Das


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