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Ok this guy hit my ad yesterday.. emailed me saying if he couldn’t see me right now he will tomorrow.. since i had plans for that time i told him tomorrow would work.. and he needed to send his number.. he said noon tomorrow.. at 11am today he still hadn’t sent a number.. about 11:50 he sent a number and said he was already like 5mins from me. this was after 3 texts and 3 calls he didn’t answer.. i gave me directions and walked up to the meeting location in the heat.I called and asked if he was lost after 10mins and he was like no i am driving a grey jeep charakee suv. i am turning on ur road now. I waiting another 10mins in the heat for him and still no sign of him.. when i called again he started to send me to voicemail.. i walked home and he still hasn’t called or texted.. I emailed him still nothing.. he is a major time waster..

Orlando, Florida

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