510-967-2798 — Walnut Creek, California

This is a COP. His voice was muffled. Very scary episode happened. He pressured me for appointment stating that “he is a lawyer and has a biz appointment in an hour” – he AGREED to bring his biz card with him but my mistake was NOT asking him for his professional website /to google him right away. Within minutes of him arriving near my place there were 5 squad card surrounding my building. They stood there for a whole two hours before leaving. BTW the client himself called in and said: “OH sorry dear, I have arrived but I need to cancel, because I misread your ad – I thought you offered FS but I re-read your ad and you clearly do not. Sorry to waste your time!” I have since searched for his name and he didn’t come up as legit lawyer so that it a blunt lie. His number comes up as Sprint phone registered in San Francisco but living in Oakland.

Sean Wong
Walnut Creek, California

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